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Hi, I am Sharon, the face behind Zonen 09.
Boymom and pattern designer. Checklist addict and girlfriends person.
I am demanding, sensitive, venturing and creative.
I love beauty, authenticity and positive people.

Zonen 09 is my creative outlet:
an online store offering stylish and high-quality digital patterns,
with a large focus on boys and men.


The first stitches (i.e. how it all started)

Pregnant with Nils, our oldest son, I felt the urge for sewing.
This kid needs clothingI remember thinking.
Comfortable, cool clothing with nice fit.
As I couldnt find what I was looking for in what stores were offering I started creating clothes myself. Encouraged by a friend I started sharing my creations on my personal blog. This is how I got in touch with a vibrant community of fellow bloggers. 

Virtual experiences can be fun, however real-life encounters even more so. I started a local sewing club with a few friends and later organized a charity handicraft event with a fellow sewing club. This event was a huge success and my very first pattern design, Jacob, topped the sales chart. It dawned on me that I was not the only boymom looking for that something extra for her kids. 

Dreaming and growing up

If there is one thing I truly believe in it is following your dreams and doing what makes you happy. Handicraft is what makes me happy so in 2012 I quit my job as a social researcher to follow my dream. Originally organizing handicraft events these days I am focusing on pattern design with the first drawings made on our kitchen table. Later I moved into our garden shack transformed into a small studio. Today I work at LikeBirds, a co-working place for creative souls.

The business is growing, together with me and those closest to me. While I am a one-person entrepreneur the story of Zonen 09 is written by many: my boys, my husband as well as many beautiful people around me. This may sound too much like a cliche but, in all honestly, without them - without you, friends, bloggers and customers - none of this would have been possible.

With my sons’ blessing 

And then there are my sonsthey are and remain the main characters in the Zonen 09 tale. Nils and Thor. Born in 2008 and 2009, yet different as day and night. The oldest is quircky, complex, conscientious and sensitive. An intelligent, athletic youngster who wears his heart on his sleeve. The youngest is our little ray of sunshine. Enjoying life, vivid and tough (with a very sensitive heart). Nils wants to dress cool and comfortably. Thor fancies lots of colors and details.

Together they are my biggest inspiration. Thor likes to play in his pyjamas for hours on end, and with a small blanket over his shoulders he suddenly becomes a superhero. So I created Wolf, a pyjama pattern with cape, extensively tested and approved by our young God of Thunder.

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