Affiliate program

You have a VAT identification number, you’re a Zonen 09 fan and you’d love to support and promote Zonen 09 sewing patterns? If your answer to all of these questions is yes, I’ll happily share a piece of the profit with you, my ambassadors. If you enroll in the Zonen 09 affiliate program and become a Zonen 09 Patron you can offer your followers a discount while at the same time receiving a commission on each sale. Say what?!

Help Sharon grow Zonen-09 via the Zonen 09 affiliate program

How does the Zonen 09 Patron Program work?

The system is fairly simple. You create an account to which I link unique codes and where you can see how much you’ve earned so far. Follow these steps to become a Zonen 09 Patron:

  1. Create a personal affiliate account via this Affiliatly link. It’s the software that is linked to the Zonen 09 webshop.
  2. Each time you plan to post a Zonen 09 creation on your blog, Instagram or Facebook account, or mention it in a newsletter, you let me know via
  3. I create a reduction code which is valid for 3 days. With this code your readers or followers get a 10% discount on their purchase and you get a 20% commission on the total sale.

Why would I participate?

I firmly believe that Zonen 09 has a lot of potential, but one of the major stumbling blocks is the fact that everything you see (and everything you don’t see) has to be done solely by yours truly.

To finally take that hurdle and offer Zonen 09 proper chances to develop and grow it is important that I reach a broader audience so that more sewists from all over the world get to know my sewing patterns for clothing. And who is best suited to help me promote the brand? You right? My fans!

This affiliate system can make us move Zonen 09 forward, together. We have a long way to go, but I’m sure that we can make the journey a pleasant one! 🥰

How much can I make?

Each time any of your followers uses the code, they get a 10% discount. You receive a 20% (VAT included) commission on the total sale.

How do I know how many sales are generated with my code?

Each ambassador or patron can check the overview in your Affiliatly account. The overview is only visible to both of us. If you generate a sale for which your discount code is used it is automatically listed in the overview. So if you want to know how much you’ve earned, you can simply check your account.

How do I get paid?

On every last weekday of the month all ambassadors receive an overview of the sales they generated for Zonen 09 over the past month, with one of multiple codes. Send me an invoice for the amount mentioned in the overview and Zonen 09 will makes sure you’ll get paid.

More questions?

No probleem, just contact me and I’ll answer your question as soon as possible!