Before we launch a new Zonen 09 pattern, both the pattern and the corresponding instructions are carefully revised by me and a team of testers. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that despite our best efforts we still overlook things. Digital sewing patterns have this major advantage, however. If we do discover a glitch, we’ll automatically send you an update! If you discover a mistake in one of the patterns, then please drop me a line. Much appreciated!

If you have a paper version of Billie for kids and teens, Pim or Theo for kids and teens, then have a look at the corrections below. The text in bold indicates the corrections.

BILLIE (Dutch version)

  • The technical drawing indicates the raglan version as version d and the version with the envelope neck as version e. On page 12 it is indicated the other way around whereas it should be as follows: Billie version d is the  raglan version  and Billie version e is the version with the envelope neck.
  • (p.11) Cut the pocket flap 2x per flap.
  • (p.14 and p.16) The dimensions of the neck bands for the front and back piece of the envelope neck version were calculated incorrectly. Here you can download the correct charts

PIM (Dutch version)

  • (pattern) In version b, the waistband needs to be cut on the fold twice: 1x completely, 1 x right up to the cut line.

THEO (Dutch version)

  • (p. 35) Pin the shoulder seams of the inner back yoke to the front pieces. Put the seam you just finished with the wrong side of the front piece/facing on the right side of the inner back yoke.
  • (p.50) 28. Attaching facing to the cuff (version c).
  • (p.52) or on the joining seam in  version c.
  • (p.54) If you do not want the stitching to be visible on the contrasting corners of version c then topstitch in the joining seam.