This is a list of the most frequently asked questions. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for, then definitely let me know. I’d be happy to help!

Digital sewing patterns

A digital sewing pattern consists of a number of downloadable pdf files. When you complete you purchase, you immediately receive an e-mail with a link that allows you to download the files.

You will notice three files which you can open using the free ‘Adobe Acrobat Reader’. One file contains the step-by-step photo instructions. The second contains an A4 print-at-home pattern. The last file is the large-format copy shop file you can have printed via a plotting service.

Check this page for more info on how to work with digital patterns.

When you buy a digital pattern, you receive a unique download link. You can download the pattern three times, e.g. once on your computer and once on your tablet, which leaves you with 1 download in case something goes wrong and you lose the downloads.

After downloading it three times, you will no longer be able to use the link. Making sure your files are stored and backed up correctly is the responsibility of the customer and an important step in the download process.

What if something did go wrong which makes it impossible for you to retrieve the files (worst case: a computer crash) and the link is no longer valid? According to our terms and conditions Zonen 09 cannot be held responsible and is not obliged to send a new link. But since no one can avoid Murphy…

Since 2017 Zonen 09 patterns are only published as a digital pattern. Digital patterns offer quite some benefits. You can e.g. choose to only print the size you need. It comes with interactive instructions and if we make corrections or improvements, you are certain of a free update.

Personally, I no longer have any paper versions to sell. If you are looking for a particular pattern, you might want to contact De Stoffenkamer. Helena bought the last batch of paper patterns, so she might still have the one you are looking for.

Size charts

Here you find the size charts for all Zonen 09 patterns for baby, children’s, men’s and women’s clothing.

Do you want to know more about our size charts and how to pick the right size? Then make sure to check this page.

The Zonen 09 patterns for babies, children and teenagers do not only come in standard sizes, but also in small sizes. Small sizes are basically the regular sizes in length combined with a smaller size in width. An ‘104 small’ will fit a slimmer child that measures 104 cm but in width fits a size 98.

To determine the size you need, simply compare the chest circumference (for top pieces) or hip circumference (for bottom pieces) and the child’s height with the measurements in the size chart.

Are you unsure on how to take your measurements? Check this page where you can find some additional info.

In adult patterns the difference in height is, compared to children’s patterns, very limited. Adding small sizes to adult patterns is therefore of little use.

It goes without saying that also adults come in different sizes. To make up for the differences in height each pattern has additional lines and indications that you can use to lengthen or shorten the pieces. At the beginning of the pattern’s instructions you can find an explanation of how to handle lengthening or shortening.

Patterns for commercial use

You can use Zonen 09 patterns to sell handmade pieces on a small-scale basis on the condition that Zonen 09 is clearly mentioned in all communication.

If you want to use Zonen 09 patterns to manufacture clothing on a larger sale, then please get in touch so we can discuss the options.

There are 2 options if you intend to use Zonen 09 patterns during workshops, depending on the frequency and the number of participants. The choice is yours and you are more than welcome to make some money by using my patterns. In return I expect some appreciation for the work that has gone into the development of these patterns. Copying the patterns is an offence and is obviously not done. Click here for more info on the licensing system.

Option 1 > Every participant buys his or her pattern directly from Zonen 09. As workshop organizer, you do not need to pay Zonen 09 a separate fee.

Option 2 > As workshop organizer you buy the patterns for all participants as well as a 1-year workshop license. Over the course of the year, you can organize as many workshops as you like, using the purchased Zonen 09 patterns.

Although a call for testers is both commercially and marketing wise a smart move, Zonen 09 chose to do things differently. Since the start in 2012 we work with a team of testers who have proven to be invaluable and have a huge impact on the quality of the patterns.

Occasionally, throughout the years, people did join the team, but only if the nature of the pattern required it. An absolute beginner was a welcome, but necessary addition to the team. This way we could make sure that our instructions were clear to even the most unexperienced seamstress. Since the introduction of the baby patterns mothers to newborns became – for obvious reasons – also part of the team.

Curious to find out who tested a particular pattern? Check the instruction to find out.