Sewing workshops with the Zonen 09 patterns

Are you looking for a sewing workshop in your neighborhood that uses Zonen 09 patterns? Or would you like to organize workshops yourself? Let me explain the options to you.

Sewing workshops with the Zonen 09 patterns

Participating in workshops with Zonen 09 patterns

In Flanders you can find many good fabric shops and some of them offer workshops in which the Zonen 09 patterns are used. The workshop instructors are experienced teachers who have the gift of teaching you many valuable things. Are you looking for a workshop? Then I can recommend you to contact them or check the websites for upcoming events. You can find my recommendations at the bottom of the page.

I do not usually organize workshops myself, but once in a blue moon, when launching a new pattern, I might organize a competition in which you can win a Zonen 09 workshop. If you want to be notified when competitions take place, then follow my Instagram account, the place to be.

If you are enrolled in a workshop, but it is not any time soon, and you can’t wait to dive into the wonderful world of handmade clothing, be sure to check this page with lots of valuable info for beginners.

Organizing workshops using Zonen 09 patterns

There are 2 options if you intend to use Zonen 09 patterns during workshops, depending on the frequency and the number of participants. The choice is yours and you are more than welcome to make some money by using my patterns. In return I expect some appreciation for the work that has gone into the development of these patterns. Copying the patterns is an offence and is obviously not done.

  • Option 1 | Every participant buys his or her pattern directly from Zonen 09. As workshop organizer, you do not need to pay Zonen 09 a separate fee. Whoop whoop!

  • Option 2 | As workshop organizer you buy the patterns for all participants as well as a 1-year workshop license. Over the course of the year, you can organize as many workshops as you like, using the purchased Zonen 09 patterns. If you want more info on this licensing system, then send me a mail and I’ll get in touch. 

Do you also organize workshops with Zonen 09 patterns and is your organisation not yet listen here? Drop me a line and I’ll update the list.

Workshops in East Flanders

Workshops in Antwerp

Sewing workshops with the Zonen 09 patterns