Zonen 09. Sewing patterns and organic cotton.

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Sewing level

Most of the Zonen 09 patterns provide multiple options with sewing techniques that differ in level. Patterns with that kind of possibilities always consist of an easy, basic pattern that is ideal for beginning seamstresses. The other options are there for more advanced seamstresses or those who want to learn new techniques and boost their sewing level.

That is why it is hard for us to rate our patterns with just one difficulty score. Also, at Zonen 09 we are convinced that a well-structured, clear and detailed tutorial allows everyone to work with any sewing pattern. Naturally, a basic pattern requires less time, effort and attention than an advanced one.

With the above comments in mind, we score Zonen 09 patterns on a difficulty scale from 1 to 3.  

  • 1: beginner
    You haven't sewn a lot of clothing and are ready to learn new sewing techniques. 
  • 2: intermediate
    You have sewn multiple pieces of clothing and want to perfect the common sewing techniques.
  • 3: advanced
    You are used to sewing clothing and are looking for more advanced sewing techniques.

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