Your sewing time is precious.

That is why Zonen 09 designs patterns that make the most of it.

All good things must come to an end

As of February first I am closing the Zonen 09 shop.⁠

For the past 10 years I've been giving it my all and I hope those years haven't only provided me
but also many of you with the joy and sewing knowledge that came with it. ⁠

In the future I will keep on drafting and making (sewing was my first love and it will be my last 🥰)
but I won't be selling patterns anymore. You can expect me to keep on blogging,
sharing makes, tips and tricks and maybe even more than before.
That depends on what my next adventure will be. I do not know yet but I'm sure I will find out soon.

Thank you to everyone who supported Zonen 09 during these 10 years.
I'll never forget.


I get it.

You have a job, kids, a household to run, and seemingly never enough time to sew.
So you need the tools to get maximum results in a limited amount of time.
Like sewing patterns designed with the utmost care.
Patterns that are like real friends: quality over quantity, that’s what matters.

Hey you!

Let's meet!
Odile - sewing pattern top for womenBillie - sewing pattern T-shirt for kids & teensOdile - detail kit top for womenThea - sewing pattern blouse for womenRocco - sewing pattern sweater & sweatpants for kids

The popular kids

They’re perfect to be made over and over again and they will lift your sewing skills to the next level. At least, that’s what their fans tell me. I bet you’ll embrace them too. These are the popular ones in the Zonen 09 offspring!

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The word around DIY town

Working with Zonen 09 patterns gives me the confidence to handle anything. I know that the instructions are so well-structured and the pictures speak for themselves, so basically anyone can learn how to sew and at the same time create a fine piece of clothing. All techniques and finishes are covered in the patterns’ instructions. And as if that isn’t enough, I know that I can always reach out for help when I’m stuck, which means that I not only buy a great pattern, but also the security that I will succeed.

Nele Chiers

Assenede (BE)

Years ago I bought my first Zonen 09 pattern, by coincidence mainly, as there were very few boys’ patterns available at the time. Soon after I realised that the patterns are not only a tool, but also a guarantee to success. Everything is so well-designed, it’s a delight to use them. The instructions are very elaborate and clear. The tailoring is spot on. Adjusting the sizes to my husband’s and children’s non-standard sizes works perfectly thanks to the clear instructions. We’re all dressed ‘Home Made Perfect’ thanks to Zonen 09!

Liesbet Van Hoecke

Drongen (BE)

Why I love Zonen 09 patterns? Before I even get started, I simply know that I’ll be happy with the result, even though I’m not so experienced. Clear step-by-step instructions guide you through the entire process and when you’re done you have a new well-made item with the perfect fit, in your favorite print and completely handmade. High five, Zonen 09! 

Leen Galle

Veerle (BE)

As a mother of three boys Zonen 09 patterns have been my favorites for as long as I can remember. Fantastic fit, numerous options and instructions that are unequalled, which makes them perfect for beginners. Detailed instructions and clear pictures help you leave your comfort zone and try some of the more difficult options. I also highly value Zonen 09’s patterns for women which you can easily adjust to your own style and body shape.

Barbara Six

Kuurne (BE)

I’m a mother of 4 boys and proud nonna of 2 grandsons and about 6 years ago I picked up sewing again. During a workshop I got to know Zonen 09. Whereas the brief instructions in sewing magazines always left me frustrated, the elaborate and clear step-by step instructions were a true delight. I just love the photo instructions, the numerous variations to the basic pattern, and of course the perfect fit. Every single pattern is good value for money and I’m sure that you’ll return to them many many times.

Ann Van den Abeele

Brussel (BE)

If you ask me what Zonen 09 means to me then I can wholeheartedly say: the start of my sewing career! When I started sewing with Sharon’s patterns I was an absolute beginner and the third item I ever created was a proper Theo shirt. In the meantime I learned how to adjust the patterns to the body they’re designed for. Thanks to the clear instructions I never ended up with pairs of pants that are too short, t-shirts that are too slim for the hips of the owner or incorrectly positioned darts. I cannot say how much I value this. Because of the many options I can still challenge myself, even after 4 years. Buying Zonen 09 patterns is, if you ask me, the best decision you can make. You’ll love the experience!

Annelies Vandenberghe

Gent (BE)

In 2012 I started with a pair of Jakob pants, the first Zonen 09 pattern, with no experience whatsoever. Everything was so well described that I successfully finished my first actual piece of clothing ever. I was hooked. Fortunately, soon after, new patterns were launched which are all equally beautiful with their perfect instructions and clear pictures. So many years later I provide the entire family with handmade Zonen 09 items and I’m a true fan. You can tell that Sharon is a perfectionist who puts a lot of detail, love and care in her patterns.

Ellen Gheysen

Hoegaarden (BE)

My boy turned two at the end of 2020 and while searching the net for cool boys’ patterns I soon discovered Zonen 09, a household name in the sewing scene with fun and practical designs. From the patterns’ precision and detailed instructions you can tell that Sharon is meticulous, which is a godsend for sloppy people like myself. I can honestly say that with Zonen 09 patterns I achieved the best results so far.

Lisa Bacelle

Wevelgem (BE)

My first handmade item was a pair of Jakob pants. I barely knew how to sew and my machine was borrowed, but nonetheless I managed to produce a decent piece of clothing. The pattern was crystal clear, the instructions detailed and very well explained. I immediately loved Zonen 09 patterns. Years later I keep returning to Zonen 09 whenever I want to make something for my boys, my husband or myself. Billie and Rocco are standard items in our wardrobe and are amongst the most heavily worn pieces we own.

Eva Naessens

Gontrode (BE)

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